Windows 8 Tablets Getting Pricey (And They Haven’t Even Been Released Yet)

According to Taiwanese website Digitimes, Windows 8 based tablet PCs might be priced as high as US $599 to $899. This information is obtained from their anonymous sources within notebook PC vendors. It is reported that Windows and Intel are unwilling to drop costs to suppliers. According to sources, Microsoft and Intel are against dropping prices for Windows 8 software and Clover Trail processor as this strategy could damage their pricing ability in the PC market and reduce their margins.

A price range of $599 to $899 brings Windows 8 tablet’s price in line with an iPad. But it might be a risky bet as consumers have shown less inclination in lapping up rival tablets that are this much pricy. HP Touchpad’s fiasco is still fresh in many people’s memory. Add to that the stupendous success of Amazon Kindle’s Fire that is selling like hot cakes at $199 and many cheap Android tablets lined up for release.

Our previous post mentioned about a survey where a maximum of 38% voted that they are comfortable to buy a Windows 8 tablet if it is priced in range of $200 to $399. Only 16% of users were ready to shell out more than $599. A price range of $599 to $899 for a convertible touch screen notebook running on a full blown license of Windows 8 will be a steal. But paying this much for a toned-down Windows 8 tablet might be too much. It will not help Microsoft in cutting down Apple’s market share. Equally it might prove to be a bad move for Intel as PC vendors will cut costs by completely shifting towards ARM processors from Qualcomm, NVidia and Texas Instruments. Let us hope that either the rumors are untrue or better sense prevails among the executives of Microsoft and Intel.

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  1. Eh-erm…You almost had it right Microsoft…almost. Windows 7 mobile was and is such a breath of fresh air in a world of wannabe Apple OS’s. Droid is clunky and unresponsive, yet aesthetically pleasing but Windows 7 is simple, fresh, and open. Animated tiles that allow you to access all of the information you could want about a person or construct right at the tip of your fingers. One also cannot deny the underlying ability to customize the screens you work on all with the ease and fluidity that makes windows what it is…truly nostalgic. Now Microsoft decides that they will take this same experience, place it on tablets and give the consumer all of the perks that come along with being able to use a genuine desktop mode! I am thinking to myself man, this could finally be the device to cut Apple’s market share and finally give the consumers what they want; word processing, memory expansion, customization, you name it! Oh what’s that? It costs more than an I-Pad? Well…maybe next year M$

  2. Let me just suplament what I just said with this. Apple is the industry standard…they just are. Tablets, phones, software (yeah, I just said it), you name it-APPLE is the team to beat. That being said I don’t care what you bring to the table, if it is more expensive than the industries standard IT WILL NOT SELL! For heavens sake wake up M$! You could produce the Supercandoitallsoimpressiveeveythingyouneedinonebox-3000, but if it it is more expensive than the industries standard IT WILL NOT COMPETE (.)<<<<PERIOD!

    1. Ummm… the 64 gig tablet from apple with 3g data costs 829.00 and doesn’t have a full OS… I think your argument here is null. The prices seem to be quite inline with Apple. 499.00 is their lowest model, only has 16 gigs of space and no 3G. You’re complaints are not very well founded.

  3. i really hope that window 8 tablet can perform microsoft office very well..cause i was waiting to buy this tablet for work purpose..i hope..other that microsoft office,it also can support other software as well..for example firefox..or chrome..or for study such as endnote n etc coz the truth..the only thing i hate about microsoft is the explorer..i hope the tablet can work as good as normal PC..than i surely will by it

  4. Valid point the Ipad sets the price standard and everything else should fall inline. but at the same price as an ipad i would go for the win8 tab reason being this is what we have been waiting for, lets get one thing straight here Ipad = overgrown mobile phone, Galaxy = Overgrown mobile phone, if Microsoft get this right i am definately getting one, i hope it supports windows based applications like MS developers tool kit, caseware, quickbooks, mail exchange, MS office you name it, truly mobile and truly functional, i hope the give it a 100 gig HD minimum.

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