Windows 8 Tablet From Acer & Lenovo With New Clover Trail Chip

Acer and Lenovo are all set to join the Windows 8 tablet party. As per Digitimes sources from the supply chain, Acer and Lenovo are planning for release around third quarter of 2012. Announcement might be made at the Intel Developer Forum 2012 in September. These tablets will be based on Intel’s Clover Trail platform. Intel’s Clover Trail is an Atom chip and is being targeted for release in the second half of 2012, about the same time frame as Windows 8 OS.

Clover Trail is a follow-on of Intel’s Medfield processor which is being designed especially for Android. But Medfield is based on single-core and is being overshadowed by ARM-based processors. Intel is betting on Clover Trail which comes with dual-core and gives more performance and power saving to tablet PCs. It is worthwhile to remember that last year Samsung showcased a Windows 8 tablet packed with Intel processor and not ARM. ARM processors are more power efficient and widely used in tablets and smart phones. But it seems Intel is closing on the gap with Medfield, Clover Trail and Silvermont processors in pipeline.

According to reports, Acer and Lenovo want to push the limits and be the first ones to showcase tablets running on Windows 8 OS. Acer’s Iconia Tab W500 and Lenovo’s IdeaPad Tablet P1 are running on Windows 7 and this prior experience should give them some leverage. Strong potential of Windows 8 tablets in the enterprise market where Microsoft-developed applications still rule seems to be driving the plans of PC manufacturers.

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